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Just some very nice folks who like to get together and talk about murder mysteries. On February 25th I had the good fortune to spend the evening with the “regulars” at the Mystery Bookstore on 13th Street.  I met some interesting and very sweet people who asked very interesting questions, such as “How do you take something as serious as murder and turn it into a comedy?”

My answer to that question, “In my case, the murder itself is never something subject to laughs, it’s the circumstances surrounding the investigation and how the people involved react and behave that makes for humor.”

no mystery

No Mystery

We were also joined by some of my friends, one of whom has herself published 17 romance novels. I thoroughly enjoyed the evening, especially the highlight when the beautiful black and white cat decided to climb on my lap and challenge my faux fur collar to a cat-style duel. I always go for the laugh, whether I get it or the bookstore owner’s cat jumps in to steal the show!

While I was entertaining the mischievous feline, her brother was languishing on and around my piles of books – another show stealer! I’m starting to see a trend here – but as an animal lover it’s a trend I really like!

After our discussion the majority of us retired to the German restaurant next door where they treated me to a rib-sticking German feast and some more scintillating conversation. I could definitely get used to this!

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