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Although we lost our Gracie, we are very fortunate to have Roxi, a little white English Bulldog with small reddish/brown spots on her body and more prominently on her ears. She is a spunky little sweetheart who knows what she wants and usually gets it.

Roxi came to us when she was a little over a year old.  She was the product of a divorce and apparently got very little attention, except from the 4-year old boy in the family. As a result she is both hungry for attention and hug-averse. We think because she may have been squeezed too tightly by the little boy.

It’s not uncommon to have her give you one of her soulful looks which spur you to want a big hug. When you move toward her with your arms outstretched you generally end up with an armful of air because Roxi has jumped to safety and has successfully avoided yet another hug. Here’s a hint, she’s not as fast when she’s really tired – so we enjoy a lot of “hug n’yawns.”

Then there’s big sis Jasmine (or Jazzy for short). She is the canine version of Mother Theresa. There was never a sweeter more gentle creature than Jazzy.



She’s beautiful with her shiny red coat and her sleek white head. Her one brown and one blue eye are a major source of curiosity to many who meet her.

Not only is Jazzy a wonderful and patient teacher to her younger sisters, she has a healing quality that draws her to anyone in need of healing. And let’s face it – who couldn’t use a little healing?

As a pup, Jazzy was sold to a hunter who threw her into a pen with grown hunting dogs. The poor thing was malnourished having to fight for every morsel of food. When the breeder realized her situation he took her back and we were lucky enough to get her. She was extremely shy of people and it took a long time for her to begin to trust, first us, and then friends and family. Jazzy loves being home with her family.

Our newest addition to the family joined us a little over a week ago. Sweet Pea was found wandering the streets of an Iowa town. Through Illinois rescue she was placed in a foster home and spent four months trying to overcome malnutrition and demodectic mange.

Sweet Pea

Sweet Pea

What an indomitable spirit she has. What this poor little thing has been through we will never truly know. We do know that it hasn’t left her wary and skittish around humans, nor has it made her timid or overly aggressive.

Her coat is far from full and luxurious – but she has some fur. Her skin is far from healed – she scratches and bleeds like she’s one big hot spot – but she is happy and sweet and anxious to complete her orientation into our family.

These are our furry babies and they give us great joy and they help us stay grounded. We are very fortunate to have them.

Sure, life will be different without our Gracie, but we were lucky to have had her for as long as we did, and she will always be with us. Now it’s time for a new chapter in our lives. Does anybody know how to stop chronic scratching?


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